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    Digital Smart K
    Digital Smart K audio power amplifier, a high-end product category, support for Digital input(I2S/TDM), anti-input interference ability and the advantages of low noise, comprehensive product series, boost voltage from 6 V ~ 10.25 V high voltage, with or without DSP, I/V sensing and other factors, to achieve full range of voltage and function coverage.
    Product name Voltage(V) Boost Type R=8Ω THD=1% Protection Package (mm)
    AW88264CSR 10.25 Boost 5.2W@4.4V SKTune WLCSP 2.61×2.72-36B
    AW88263CSR 10.25 Boost 5.2W@4.4V SKTune WLCSP 2.58×2.72-36B
    AW88195CSR 10.25 Boost 5.3W@4.2V SKTune WLCSP 2.48×3.17-42B
    AW88258CSR 9.5 Boost 4.75@4.2V SKTune WLCSP 2.58X2.72-36B
    AW8862CSR 10.25 Boost 5.6W@4.2V SKTune WLCSP 2.47X2.47-36B
    AW8860CSR 9.5 Boost 5.4W@4.2V SKTune WLCSP 2.47X2.47-30B
    AW8898QNR 9.5 Boost 5.2W@4.2V SKTune WBQFN 3.5X3.5-24L
    AW8896CSR 5.75 Boost 1.96W@4.2V Feed-Forward Multi-Level AGC WLCSP 2.55X1.94-28B
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